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Feb 29, 2016

This week a cold-ridden Tim Kail hosts a traditional three-part episode of The Work of Wrestling podcast. For The Lock-Up Tim Kail does a real-time tasting & review of Steve Austin and El Segundo Brewing Company's Broken Skull IPA. For The High Spot Tim questions how we deal with falling out of love with a...

Feb 22, 2016

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews Fastlane in real-time. Unfiltered. Unapologetic. 

Feb 15, 2016

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail is joined by his friend Robert Bennet to discuss Daniel Bryan's retirement speech. Rob is a big Daniel Bryan fan so this is a particularly important moment in his pro-wrestling fandom. Rob & Tim share their thoughts on Daniel Bryan's speech, the importance of his rise in the WWE and how...

Feb 8, 2016

This week on The Work of Wrestling podcast, host Tim Kail answers your questions. He addresses all of your Tweets, emails, and Facebook comments, covering a wide range of topics from his favorite commentating team to his creative vision for Monday Night Raw. Follow him on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and go to

Feb 1, 2016

This week on The Work of Wrestling podcast, for The Lock-Up (9:40) host Tim Kail examines Grado vs Chris Renfrew at Insane Championship Wrestling's "Square Go" event. Tim breaks down Grado & Renfrew's promos, the essence of their conflict, and the brilliance of Grado's transformation. For The High Spot (35:40)...