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The Trouble With WWE's Opening Segments

May 12, 2019


Pattern recognition goes hand-in-hand with being a WWE fan. After years of consistent viewing, it’s easy to spot the various formulas, cliches, tropes, and unwritten “rules” of any WWE broadcast.

One of the more obvious formulas plays out in "opening segments": a character enters, cuts a...

In Defense Of WWE Live Crowds

Apr 10, 2019

In the four years I’ve been writing articles and producing podcasts for The Work Of Wrestling, I’ve written and talked a lot about “entitled”, “rude”, “obnoxious” pro-wrestling fans. From Full Sail disrupting NXT promos and matches to the infamous “Raw After Mania” crowds that appear more interested...

The Women Warriors Of NXT

Apr 5, 2019

Note: This article was originally published in January 8th, 2015.


Where the WWE main stage frequently reserves Divas segments and Divas matches as time to advertise the more popular, more successful Total Divas on E!, NXT presents a world of legitimate female athletes; complex characters who have aspirations,...

The Architects Of The Attitude Era: Steve Austin vs Dude Love

Feb 10, 2019

Note: This article was originally published on January 24th, 2016. It is being reposted following  switch from Squarespace to Libsyn.


The Attitude Era wasn't great because it was raunchy, sleazy, blood-soaked, extreme, and testosterone-fueled. In fact, all those segments, matches, and angles...

The McMahon Behind The Curtain

Jan 6, 2019

Note: This article was originally published in march of 2018.

Part I:

Everything I Ever Wanted

The opening segment of the March 12th, 2018 episode of Monday Night Raw is like a beacon guiding us into the future, illuminating what the WWE could (and hopefully will) become one day. 

In it, Roman Reigns, yet again irate...