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Nov 13, 2017

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail returns to answer your questions! 

You wanted to know what Tim thought about completely abandoning the idea that a pro-wrestling match is real, why he wasn't initially too keen on The Shield reunion, how big a problem sexual harassment and sexual abuse are in the pro-wrestling business, his thoughts on the Velveteen Dream Patrick Clark, what other artistic medium professional wrestling could learn from and how that could be implemented into a current angle, what match or angle Tim knew was objectively bad but that he still absolutely loved (and vice versa), and if he's ever been hesitant to tell people his beloved dog Brenda is a pittbull (aka pitty, aka pibble, aka Best Dogs In The World).

You can follow WOW on Facebook at, but you can't follow on Twitter anymore because Tim deactivated his Twitter for all the reasons one might deactivate their Twitter. You can read more about why on in his new, quick article "Leaving Twitter, But I'm Still Here".

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