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Aug 5, 2019

This week host Tim Kail is joined by his mother a.k.a. Granny Franny to discuss the New Japan Pro-Wrestling match Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii!

First, Tim & Granny Franny catch up since this is their first podcast in two years!

Then, Granny Franny goes into detail about the differences between New Japan & WWE, why she found New Japan's atmosphere to be more intimate & engaging, Tim shares his thoughts on the quality of New Japan's camera-work and figures out, in real-time, the specific illusion it recreates, they react to the amazing table-spot where Ishii "cut Moxley in half", Granny Franny explains why she found Ishii to be the more sympathetic of the two, and then they discuss whether or not they'll watch more New Japan together!

It's a fun episode filled with laughter and insight that longtime listeners are sure to enjoy.

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