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May 4, 2015

You've got to get mad! Very little progress has been made for the women in the WWE, Chris Jericho barely asked a single question in his benign conversation with Stephanie McMahon on the Network, and the WWE insists on retreading tired stories that damage promising talents like Seth Rollins all the while adhering to a style of presentation at odds with the authenticity modern audiences crave! Are you mad yet? Well let's do something constructive about it, even if we can only hold a mirror up to the WWE. At 6:18 Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail delves into The Lockup where he reviews the WWE Network Special "Live With Chris Jericho", pointing out the pitfalls of adhering too intensely to a corporate, lifeless, totalitarian structure. Tim also emphasizes the need for social change, how it's absurd that we're still as bigoted, closed-minded, and violent as we are despite how far we've come and despite the fact that it's 2015. In part two, The High Spot (18:35) Tim talks about his experience of the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao "Fight of the Century" and how the WWE can learn from the fight's intensity and narrative clarity. And then, in The Finish (30:50) Tim shares a story about how he was inspired by the film Network, and shares the most famous speech from the film where a frazzled newscaster goes on a prophetic tirade about societal issues that plague our world to this day. If you would like to have your story on the show send an email to about how wrestling inspired or uplifted you. Follow Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and visit for the latest RAW REVIEW and NXT REPORT.