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May 11, 2015

Let's change the World...Wrestling Entertainment! It's time to affect a lasting, positive transformation with regard to the way the WWE books and presents their female performers. Equality for women is the running theme of this episode beginning with The Lockup (2:50) where Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews a women-centric episode of NXT. The High Spot (10:44) is dedicated to examining why it's essential that #GiveDivasAChance be transformed into a #WomensWrestling movement (watch this video for a deeper explanation if you prefer that to listening). In The Finish (22:45) Tim shares a story about how he instantly bonded with a stranger over a shared love of professional wrestling. Remember to Tweet #WomensWrestling during Monday Night Raw to let the WWE know what we really want in a main roster Womens Division. Visit for details on how you can participate in this movement. Email your story about how pro-wrestling inspires you to and it will be read on the show! Thanks for listening!