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Aug 29, 2016

It's been a crazy week for WWE and that's what this Work of Wrestling episode is all about! Tim Kail dissects the Summer Slam fall-out and reexamines moments from the WWE's big summer event at the Barclays Center. He discusses why he's not worried about Finn Balor and how the WWE can continue to get him over while he's still out due to injury, the ethics of Brock Lesnar purposefully making Randy Orton bleed and what that act says about art, and then, last but not least Tim contextualizes the Summer Slam event, putting forth the proper narrative for the show to ensure we take away the right lessons. Is the narrative of Summer Slam 2016 that the fans were ungrateful jerks who ruined a good show, or is the narrative that the WWE got the response they deserved by way of poor booking and misunderstanding their audience. You may be surprised by the answer. Also, in the close, shoutouts to the latest ratings and reviews from the listeners. Follow Tim on Twitter @TimKailWrites and visit for the latest article about the art of professional wrestling.