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The New Drew McIntyre Reminds Us To Have Fun

Jan 23, 2020

Drew McIntyre On Monday Night Raw


Seemingly overnight, Drew McIntyre became a guy you'd like to get a pint with.

For the past month on RAW, he's been sauntering to the ring as a big, surly, sexy bastard, perpetually grinning, cutting funny promos, counting down Claymore kicks, and connecting with the crowd.

If you're...

Here's How AEW Can Change Wrestling (If It Really Wants To)

Jan 11, 2020

Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson, Brandi & Cody of AEW


AEW's second Dynamite of the year featured back-to-back-to-back segments with The Nightmare Collective, The Dark Order, and The Butcher, The Bunny, & The Blade. 

Short The Librarians joining in to shush an already silent crowd, it watched like a parade...

AEW Can Do Better Than The Dark Order

Jan 8, 2020

 The Dark Order Of AEW


"We're going to offer a sports-centric product that focuses on the athletes and work."

With this statement, in May of 2019, Tony Khan set my expectations of All Elite Wrestling. 

I wish I had interpreted that statement as broadly as possible rather than immediately invest in the deeper...

Watching Wrestling As A Fan (Not A Critic) In 2019

Dec 9, 2019

Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley on Monday Night Raw


Since the middle of October, I’ve been watching wrestling as a fan. 

Not a critic.

No podcasts, Facebook posts, or articles on the subject. Just occasional Tweets, some of which get deleted as quickly as they’re unleashed because the old adage, “If you don’t...

WWE Is The Big Leagues, But That Doesn't Matter Anymore

Jun 5, 2019

During my formative years, I never watched WCW.
Today, that's something I regret. It represents a blind spot in my pro-wrestling fandom.
The main reason I didn't watch WCW was because it just didn't seem to be as good as WWE.
Not necessarily in terms of wrestling - unfortunately, I never gave it...