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The Trouble With WWE's Opening Segments

May 12, 2019


Pattern recognition goes hand-in-hand with being a WWE fan. After years of consistent viewing, it’s easy to spot the various formulas, cliches, tropes, and unwritten “rules” of any WWE broadcast.

One of the more obvious formulas plays out in "opening segments": a character enters, cuts a...

In Defense Of WWE Live Crowds

Apr 10, 2019

In the four years I’ve been writing articles and producing podcasts for The Work Of Wrestling, I’ve written and talked a lot about “entitled”, “rude”, “obnoxious” pro-wrestling fans. From Full Sail disrupting NXT promos and matches to the infamous “Raw After Mania” crowds that appear more interested...

Apr 8, 2019

Tim and Al join forces once again to review WrestleMania 35!

And this year is a little different - Tim actually attended the event at MetLife Stadium!

He shares his experience with Al, as they trade perspectives and describe the juxtaposition of live-TV viewing vs live-event viewing.

They focus on the main matches, name...

The Women Warriors Of NXT

Apr 5, 2019

Note: This article was originally published in January 8th, 2015.


Where the WWE main stage frequently reserves Divas segments and Divas matches as time to advertise the more popular, more successful Total Divas on E!, NXT presents a world of legitimate female athletes; complex characters who have aspirations,...

Feb 11, 2019

Tim Kail returns with a surprise episode!

WOW returns to the original three-part format with a Lock-Up dedicated to The New Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon thinking fans are smart enough to distinguish between gimmicks and people playing those gimmicks, and how he'd like to see Charlotte do something a little unexpected as...